Friday, January 15, 2010

Status Report!

So far I've knocked out the logo Mephisto (duh, pics in last post) and have finished an Ectoplasm Mephisto and Fall Mephisto. Finishing up Great Odin's Raven Mephisto now... then onto Mephisto 1138 and Dr. Mephistofurter. Pics will be posted one of these days, not sure if I want to reveal them all at once or as I do them. I'd hate for someone to see one and be like PFFFT! and miss one they might actually like later on.

Haven't decided if they will be part of the "official" waves or just one off's whenever I feel like doing one, but there will be Mephisto Zombies and maybe a couple icon parodies as well.

Moving right along...

Still shooting for a February release for these.

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