Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday night I checked out the Sketchbot show at Munky King on Melrose. It was a fantastic show, there were so many great pieces from so many amazing artists. It was really inspiring.

At the show I found out that Munky King had actually developed their own designer figure called "Omi". Its a really unique system that allows for both hanging a piece on a wall or just displaying it standing as a full, 360 degree piece. They're a bit hard to explain. Check out Munky King's site for details and pics of the Omi. They're having an open call for artists to customize, paint and display their own Omi creations at a show they're hosting Saturday Dec 11th. Grab an Omi, go to town, and have it to their shop by Dec 1st to have your piece in the show.

I'm currently working on two. One is being turned into an Omi Mephisto and the other is getting turned into a (shocking shocking) robot. I've had some of my own pieces up at my shop throughout 2010, but am having a bit of an exposure issue due to the simple fact that I've never been in a show and nobody knows who the hell I am. With my job eating up ridiculous amounts of my time, I only have so much time left over to self promote. Besides being a really fun project on it's own merits, I'm hoping the Omi show can help get my work out there more.

As soon as they're done, I'll get them posted up. I just finished modding out the physical form today so I'll be painting em up every night this week so I have time to get it in before the Dec 11th deadline. Whether you participate or not, you should definitely check out the show December 11th as I'm sure it will be a great time. Munky King is a great shop and its really cool how they support new talent. Its important as artists (or as art lovers) to support places like Munky King, not just for our own work's sake but for artists everywhere.