Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wow, I have not touched this in far too long. I haven't had anything to report, massive renovations mainly.

So I have the new shared studio space with NYTR Clothing (aka, the spare room, but you've got to start somewhere). Tess will probably take pics of the place for her blogs and then I'll steal them and throw them up here.

But yeah, new desks, tables, have a pretty crazy printer on its way and most importantly, the new illustration table.

The first few drawing actually completed on the table are below. Its amazing, I've never really had one before but I can already feel the profound effect its having on my work. I'm more relaxed and sitting at the proper angles and such.

I'll be posting some preview pics of the resin art toys I'm working on. Just got the Dremel in the mail today (for easy cleaning up of flash and seam lines and such) (nevermind, the one I got blows, sending it back... will clean up sculpts old school rather then spend the huge bills to get a descent one). There's the Mephisto (both small and large sizes) which I'm happy to say looks the spitting image of his... image... as you can see up in the banner and on my avatar. The robots are going through some minor tweaks and adjustments before I make their final molds. However they do have names finally (it was getting tough calling them the tall one, the short one, etc). So very soon I'll be posting pics of Underhill, Aldiss 327, Gibson Orbit and Ray.

The next couple weeks will mostly revolve around bringing several projects to a finished state, mainly: the art toys and prints. After a few of those start selling, it will be t-shirt time. Speaking of which, the NYTR t-shirts designed by Mephisto Designs will soon be available on ETSY at the NYTR shop.

Until then, here are those sketches... soon to be inked and colored (except for the three related robot pics, those were for a card to be delivered to Ashley Wood at the Venture Art show in Hong Kong).

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3

Lizzy B.