Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Exploding Resin Inevitable

Finishing up the final Thank You Mephisto, which will be going out with its partner to their intended parties in the next couple days. I'll post pics after I'm sure they've been received. I'll also have to throw up pics of the two I painted up for Tess.

3 of the 4 bots for my new line, 9th Circle Robotics, are finalized. One more little issue to work out and they'll be ready to mold. These will be up in the shop either the last week of April/first week of May, depending on how fast painting goes.

A third resin piece, more sculpture in nature, is also currently in an early design stage. I'm mapping out the parts it needs, which I'll be getting together while waiting for some molding supplies to arrive for the bots.

Prints will be up in the shop hopefully by the end of this week so keep a look out for those as well. I'll post links on Twitter and Facebook once they're up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A week ago I debuted Mephisto Series 1 figures at the Mephisto Designs store. I could just ship these buggers naked in a little box, but what fun would that be? So I grabbed some poly bags and designed these little header cards (below) to staple to the tops.

MEPHISTO 1138 sealed:

Mephisto Series 1 Packaged 1138

Mephisto Series 1 Pacaged 1138 Back

And here are the cards alone:

Mephisto Series 1 Packaging Card

Whatta ya think?

I'm currently working on a couple of exclusives as 'thank you's' to some important inspirations behind these, as well as designs and packaging for my next project: 9th Circle Robotics.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mephisto Designs Store Launch

The Mephisto Designs store is launched, suprisingly, on schedule. Mephisto Series 1 has been uploaded and ready to sell.

Logo Mephisto 1
Series 1: Logo Mephisto 1

Fall Mephisto
Series 1: Fall Mephisto

Ectoplasm Mephisto
Series 1: Ectoplasm Mephisto

Mutant Alien Mephisto
Series 1: Mutant Alien Mephisto

Great Odin's Raven Mephisto
Series 1: Great Odin's Mephisto

Dr Mephistofurter
Series 1: Dr. Mephistofurter

Black Abyss Mephisto
Series 1: Black Abyss Mephisto

Mephisto 1138
Series 1: Mephisto 1138

Mephisto Meds
Series 1: Mephisto Meds

Night of the Living Mephisto
Series 1: Night of the Living Mephisto

All of them are available here with quick back story descriptions. Each is completely hand painted and features a decal on its base with the figure's name and series number. Just a reminder, each is a 1 of 1 addition. Now that they're up, I'll be moving onto prints, Mephisto Series 2, Mini Mephisto 3 packs and a line of robots.

To follow these and other developments, become a Facebook fan and follow the Mephisto Designs Twitter.