Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mephisto Designs Store Launch

The Mephisto Designs store is launched, suprisingly, on schedule. Mephisto Series 1 has been uploaded and ready to sell.

Logo Mephisto 1
Series 1: Logo Mephisto 1

Fall Mephisto
Series 1: Fall Mephisto

Ectoplasm Mephisto
Series 1: Ectoplasm Mephisto

Mutant Alien Mephisto
Series 1: Mutant Alien Mephisto

Great Odin's Raven Mephisto
Series 1: Great Odin's Mephisto

Dr Mephistofurter
Series 1: Dr. Mephistofurter

Black Abyss Mephisto
Series 1: Black Abyss Mephisto

Mephisto 1138
Series 1: Mephisto 1138

Mephisto Meds
Series 1: Mephisto Meds

Night of the Living Mephisto
Series 1: Night of the Living Mephisto

All of them are available here with quick back story descriptions. Each is completely hand painted and features a decal on its base with the figure's name and series number. Just a reminder, each is a 1 of 1 addition. Now that they're up, I'll be moving onto prints, Mephisto Series 2, Mini Mephisto 3 packs and a line of robots.

To follow these and other developments, become a Facebook fan and follow the Mephisto Designs Twitter.

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