Friday, January 22, 2010

Mephisto Series 1 Details

Moving right along to my goal of a February 1st launch day, I have four more to do, two of which will be done in the next day or so. The final two are already mapped out.

Which means the complete Series 1 line up is settled!

1. Logo Mephisto
2. Ectoplasm Mephisto
3. Fall Mephisto
4. Great Odin's Mephisto
5. Alien Mutant Mephisto
6. Dr. Mephistofurter
7. Mephisto Meds
8. Mephisto 1138
9. Night of the Living Mephisto
10. Mephisto of the Black Depths

Each paint scheme is completely hand done by yours truly and will never be exactly recreated again. As I've said before, I'll re use themes, but only the Logo based Mephisto will make repeat appearances (and even then, he will always have a different expression).

I'll post links as soon as I have the store up... hopefully that's 02.01.10 but it may be a day or two later since there's a couple non painting set up/supply things I have to get taken care of as well.

So far I'm pretty proud of all my little Hellions, they're developing better than I'd expected.

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