Sunday, January 3, 2010


Every time I've ever held an artist's work that has been turned into a three dimensional piece, or even just an action figure based on an actor, I've always just thought wow, that must be really fun to see something brought to plastic (or vinyl or resin or whatever) life like that.

I'm finishing up the first two Mephistos (Mephisti?) right now and I stopped to just stare at them for a moment. I had my logo up on screen to get the eyes right. I had a three dimensional version of my logo sitting right in front of me.

The Mephisto logo isn't the most complicated thing to make/bring into the third dimension obviously. I am still immensely proud of the fact that it now exists. At the beginning of summer, when I redesigned my logo and finally determined it was time to push my art out of the sketchbook and into the world, I hadn't even conceived the idea of pursuing my own resin figure line.

Now that it sits before me, I can't help but smile.

Pics will follow! Hopefully by tonight, if not then first thing Monday morning for sure!

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