Thursday, December 17, 2009

FROM: P Arnold Lane 1st Class [deceased], Unit Mechanic 2nd Level, Ares Vallis Hangers
TO: Penny Lane, Eridania Military Housing

Sorry I ain’t wrote in a bit darlin. Its been crazier than a shit house rat round here.

We recently received two visitors come from who knows where. They won’t explain and Jerry Geronimo won’t even ask. Says we’re better off just not knowin the business of such characters. I honestly couldn’t say if they come straight from Command or that odd ball Rothchild himself. They’re a pair of Boss units I can only think to describe as ‘unholy’. Not that I’d say word one of that to the boys, even Jerry, might think I sound like some superstitious, blue planet stooge. Probably does sound a bit dramatic. But I swear on the red sands its about the only thing makes sense to call em. They look beat up and battered and some of the stains on em don’t look like no bot fluid.

First one barely moves save to turn and communicate with his partner. I say communicate cuz I ain’t heard word one out of either of them. They just look at each other for a spell and go on bout their business. But that first one, he got this tv eye right in the middle of his flat face, like one of them Bertie units I told you about, cept this one has a smeared outline of a skull round his eye. Looks the spittin image of them Dirty Deeds units what come down here a few seasons ago to raise all sorts of murdering hell on us. Why anybody in their right mind would use that emblem on any bot since that hub bub is beyond me. Downright sick and disrespectful.

The second Boss has this face plate with blood red lenses for his “eyes” and what looks like some sort of breathing apparatus. Last I checked, robots ain’t the breathin kind. Once again, ain’t something me or Jerry is about to ask. The C.O. said he spoke with it briefly upon arrival and all that exchange consisted of was some official report being handed to him by this red eyed Boss. Never thought Boss units could get any creepier than them frozen child like grins the standard models have, but these two done it.

They spend all their time in me and Jerry’s shop with all them bots and we ain’t been allowed in since. We’ve been given all sorts of busy work and guard duty shifts to pass the time. So far it’s the longest three and a third weeks I been at this site. Don’t know what they been doing with my units in there, but I know I don’t like nobody but me and Jerry working on our boys.

Even Gortie’s been actin strange since the Bosses come. Every time those two walk by him, he turns his flat head and watches em pass by. He don’t go back to looking forward again until the shop door close behind them. Maybe they give old Gortie the willies too, though I don’t figure a Bramble capable of the willies. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if Gortie’s just waiting for them to say something to him.

Well I done prattled on more than enough about this and I don’t mean to cause you alarm darlin. It’s only a couple more weeks until I’m home again anyway and I’m sure those things will be gone fore I’m back.

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