Wednesday, March 31, 2010

9th Circle Robotics Last All April Long

This friday, the supply carrier lands at the 9th Circle Robotics "Division" of Mephisto Designs. The factory is all prepped for heavy production.

Probably as good a time as any to throw some specs out...
The roster for this first set will consist of these units:

01\> Gibson: 2.50" tall
>>[burly worker model with quite the arm span]
02\> Aldiss-327_: 4.25" tall
>>[tall & thin, incredible learning algorithm]
03\> Underhill_: 2.75" tall
>>[scrapper model, canon length equal to unit height]
04\> RAY_: 2.75" tall
>>[probable height increase pending final approval, quadruped]

I'm considering dabbling with some automotive paint for a few color ways since I'm still deciding between ALL used looking or some used/some clean. As usual, I'll probably just decide as I go. I wouldn't mind doing some high gloss enamel schemes and then roughing them up for a little C-3P0 circa '77 action.


  1. sounds intersting meph! can't wait to see the pics of this.

  2. Thanks! I post pics as soon as I get the first couple painted!